Hi, I’m

Amelia Wattenberger

I create things on the web, explore novel interfaces, turn data into meaning, and empower devs with AI.

I'm currently a Principal Research Engineer exploring novel UIs + playing with ML on a tiny R&D team within GitHub.

this site is WIP Go to the old one ↣

What I'm currently noodling on

AI A brainstorming tool for organizing your thoughts. Read more

AI An AI writing tool that helps you improve.

AI A precursor: an AI writing tool that helps you sculpt ideas like clay.

design thoughts An ode to infinite canvases, and how we can improve them

data viz Combining text-to-image with data visualization

AI data viz Upsetting staunch hot-dogs-are-sandwiches believers

This stinkin website

data viz JavaScript Running workshops on data visualization + Svelte

AI Moodboarding with Stable Diffusion

lasers Generating images out of laser-cut kumiko patterns.

data viz Playing with visualizing codebase changes over time

SVG AI An educational tool for designing with SVGs & learning the syntax

lasers Creating wall art that is larger than my laser bed.

data viz Visualizing time as a spiral.

JavaScript Talking about Svelte

data viz A personal dashboard for house hunting

data viz Visualizing Stephen King books

AI Generating a font with text-to-image models.

JavaScript Playing with generative 3d in the browser

SVG Teaching SVG tips & tricks.

data viz Visualizing the state of APIs Read more

JavaScript Sharing Svelte recipes Read more

lasers Hacking undo/redo into my keyboard.

data viz JavaScript Visualizing what JavaScript tools people use together.

data viz JavaScript Exploring common structures for different js frameworks.

data viz Helping people find fun datasets

data viz Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization book & course Read more

What I've been building at work

Code Atlas: How can we make LLM responses more robust and easier to understand by combining their fluid reasoning with rigid structure? Read more

Copilot for Docs: What would it feel like to have an expert on hand? Read more

Brushes in Copilot Labs. A quick after-work exploration of painting code with AI. Read more

Animating your contribution graph

GitHub Blocks: Composable & customizeable GitHub content Read more

Collaborative coding workspaces: Remote collaboration isn't about multiple cursors, it's about sharing context. Read more

Visualizing codebases Read more

Making it easier to work with live-updating data Read more